Qualified management of commercial real-estate.

Total solutions in management of real-estate of different types: business-centres, malls, industrial and commercial properties.

Technical maintenance of engineering systems and technological equipment.


May, 20th 2013

EXCECO PM Rus began servicing objects of Russian Post

April, 14th 2013

EXCECO PM Rus serves more than 120 000 sq.m. operators of premises retail non-food items in the sixteen regions of Russia.

October 1st, 2012

EXCECO PM Rus has expanded its operations and signed maintenance contracts one of the largest retail chains selling clothes in Russia. The area served by the objects is 32 000 sq.m.

July 16th, 2012

July, 2nd 2012

EXCECO PM Rus expands customers’ base of retailers: the company started maintenance of chain of stores FIX Price in Moscow and Moscow region. Under the terms of the contract EXCECO PM Rus renders services on current maintenance of premises of numerous stores of the chain.

June, 25th 2012

June, 18th 2012

EXCECO PM Rus started works on maintenance of chain of stores Yuterra in Moscow region. Yuterra is a hypermarket of household goods with a wide range of products and affordable prices.

May, 5th 2012

May 14 – May 17, 2012 Expocentr Moscow Krasnaya Presnya SVIAZ-EXPOCOMM – 2012 will take place. SVIAZ-EXPOCOMM – 2012 is the 24th International Exhbition for Telecommunications, Control System, IT and Communication services. As the biggest trade show of its kind in Russia and Easten Europe, it determines development areas for the domestic infocommunications market. EXCECO PM Rus uses advanced and innovative technologies in its activity. For a qualified management of modern real estate assets and their proper operation the specialists of the management company should be aware of what new equipment and systems are available on the market.

April, 23rd 2012

The company EXCECO PM Rus has launched a project on service of a network of pharmacies Rigla. The scope of services provided includes the performance on one-time applications basis of various kinds of works: repair work, electrical, plumbing and so on. – in a word, a full range of facilities works. The advantages of this service for the customer are: no subscription fee and no need to keep professional staff to perform non-scheduled operations, as well as the responsiveness of the application. The service is provided by mobile teams, distributed in Moscow and the region on a territorial basis.

March, 13th 2012

The beginning of the year is the traditional period of tenders to choose contractors, including rendering services of maintenance of commercial real estate. EXCECO PM Rus won the tender held by Russian Standard Bank for the provision of services.

January, 16th 2012

The beginning of the year was marked by a series of events for the professionals of commercial real estate market. EXCECO PM Rus will be actively involved in some of them.

December, 2nd 2011

The results of the annual survey of changes in the composition of demand for management companies’ services made by the Department of Analysis and Strategic Planning, EXCECO PM Rus, are finally ready. The results will be used to update the package of the company's services in management and operation of commercial real estate. In addition, different aspects of the research will appear in a series of information and practical articles on the organization of the property. These articles will be offered to partners of the company in the format of regular e-mail.

October, 17th 2011

The company EXCECO PM signed a contract for maintenance of the real estate objects of the company "Snow Queen". "Snow Queen" is the Russia's largest chain of fashion stores. Over many years of its existence "Snow Queen" has firmly established itself as an expert in the field of trade-clothes and leather goods.

October, 5th 2011

Last Friday, in the shopping center "Vegas" in the format of a workshop took place a regular meeting of the heads of leading companies in the commercial real estate. The event was organized by the Russian Council of Shopping Centers (RCSC) in order to exchange practical experience in management, leasing, design concept, operation and promotion of the shopping centers.

August, 1st 2011

Analytics and Strategic Planning Department of EXCECO PM Rus began annual procedure of collecting and processing data on changes in quality and structure of customers’ needs. The purpose of the study is to update the list of services rendered by the company in the field of the commercial real estate management.

May, 26th 2011

In anticipation of summer EXCECO PM tests a service allowing the company’s customers to reduce energy consumption in the summer - a cooling roof. Testing implementation will give a possibility to calculate the economic benefits and an opportunity to objectively determine the future value of the service. Currently, energy efficiency becomes quite measurable: energy is constantly increasing in price, and its rational consumption can lead to a considerable reduction in operating expenses for the maintenance of a building.

May, 5th 2011

Organizing Comitee of the Annual International Commercial Real Estate Exhibition REX-2011 thanked EXCECO PM for the active participation in discussions and for the interesting and actual report within the event program Detailed press-release and photo report of the exhibition are available at www.rex-expo.ru.

April, 20th 2011

A key event in the real estate market starts next week. Annual International Exhibition REX-2011 will take place in Moscow on 27-29 of April. The event business program includes round tables and conferences where the participants will have opportunity to share their experience and to mark the trends of further real estate market development.

March, 28th 2011

EXCECO PM made a Partnership Agreement with GVA Sawyer – one of the leaders in the real estate consulting. As the companies’ activity embraces different layers of the realty development process the integrated service will cover the entire scope of customers’ demand: starting with consulting at the project idea stage through the putting a newly-built object into operation and its technical maintenance.

February, 11th 2011

Signing a Partner Agreement between EXCECO and the group of companies «Style» — one of the leading design-building associations became the next step on the way to formation of entire cycle service. The integrated service covers completely the stage of technical realization of a project and its putting into operation.

February, 2nd 2011

EXCECO signed a contract with DHL — the world leader of logistical services — on management warehouse premises.

January, 27th 2011

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Republic Mordovia and company EXCECO have entered into a Partner Agreement focused on the long-term program of development of republic as the center of sports events of international scale.

January, 19th 2011

EXCECO has concluded the contract on maintenance of a warehouse owned by company Henderson presented in the Russian market by a network of menswear stores. The new warehouse is only put into operation. The decision of the company-owner to transfer the object in professional management at the construction completion stage is the most considered and correct.

December, 8th 2010

Spadework on preparing EXCECO brand expansion to the Russian market have entered its finishing phase. The lead marketing analysis has confirmed the potential of the real estate management segment. Under optimistic forecasts the first results can already appear in the beginning of the next year.

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